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Default The first challenge ... 6 people left!

We are going to have a "Who Am I?" contest.... here's how it works...

I will think of somebody, for example, Tiger Woods, and then give THREE clues as to who that is ... for example

"I am the only golfer to win the US Junior, the US Amateur, and the US Open"
"I was the first golfer to exceed $10,000,000 in winnings in a single season"
"I recently signed a sponsorship deal with Disney Co."

Obviously.. that's a REAL EASY example.... but this is how it'd work. I will keep on giving 3 clues for each round... and then everyone PMs me the answer. However, I will only give up to 48 hours for you guys to answer me, otherwise it could drag on for a bit. I plan on starting out easy with the clues, and then getting harder as the rounds go on.

But anyway, whoever gets it wrong in that round is BOOTED from the challenge, so it's possible that there's a winner in just one round. You keep going, though, until there's a champion of the challenge, who will recieve the immunity :goof: for himself AND get to rename the tribe! If EVERYONE gets a question wrong in a challenge, then EVERYONE that was still in the game at that time stays and tries again. Pretty simple.

Like last time, this is a trust game. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ANYBODY ABOUT THESE QUESTIONS. IT MUST BE YOUR OWN GUESS. DO NOT REFERENCE THE INTERNET OR ANYTHING TO LOOK UP YOUR ANSWERS. This way it doesn't take forever and a day for the challenge to get over. Spelling won't count, as long as I can understand who you're trying to tell me.

After I declare that the challenge is over, the six people will each PM me a vote as to who of the 5 people who did not gain the immunity this time would be voted off.

There will be more rules, etc. to come if I think of them or if somebody has a question.
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