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"May I know why my name appears on a negative post you brought on this thread?" ...I only mentioned your name on the part where I compared Sundin's and Yashin's regular season and playoff stats, because you agreed with Lappy on that particular issue, saying, "you are right on Yashin's performance since he got back from his rest at home because he did not want to play. I must give the guy a good credit for his production after the turmoil has ended."

Also... about my post... at no point in time did I mean to say I was an Islander fan... I made an obvious typo when I was typing my post, and did not bother to proof-read it.... let's have a look at the paragraph BEFORE the one where I claimed to say that I was and Islander fan:
In all honesty, hey -- that probably was not my best article in terms of the background that I based it on... I'm not a hard-core Islander fan!

However, I AM a hard-core Islander fan, and I know that you don't make it anywhere with a less than average goalie, a less than average offense, and a weak defense. Okay -- so now you have TWO defensemen over 0 in the +/- category -- Haller and Aucoin.
Originally, I said I was NOT a hard-core Isander fan, and I remember the exact time when I was writing that post, that I meant to say, "However, I AM a hard-core HOCKEY fan, and I know that you don't make it anywhere with less than an average goalie.....

Do you all understand now???.... Thank you.
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