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Default good memory

NOPE! no bad memory here, that would be the years from 1967. ( the last time the leafs won the cup) too i`d say 1992/93. that adds up to about ummmm lets seeeeeeeee, carry the one ,ummmmmmm 25 years. yep about 25 years.
The leafs sucked real bad, and i think , if i`m not mistaken hold the longest losing streek at 21 games .Washington went around that and may have broken the streek but i`m not sure , you would have to check with our stats EXPERT, ( that would be lee) So you see there lappy i know about teams that suck, yours is one of them, sorry :uhoh: BUT, I do like cheese! not to big on wine though, i`m more of a beer guy, dry beer, molson, ummmmmmm um, love that beer! have a nice day
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