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Hey! thanks for the support! I know how hard it is for the hab fans as most of my friends ARE hab fans. thats what i was talking about , getting a ribbing for so long. I have to say , in all honesty , that i am still undecided on weather brett will bring a winning additude to the team, i have to admit also that i didn`t know he was even signed with the habs. I have been so busy trying to figure out our line up i didn`t even see that one ( pretty big miss
He has a history of anti- canadian support though, he was born in canada but renounced his canadian haritage for an amarican citizen ship, even playing on the usa olympic hockey team
He has publicly ridiculed canada in the past (especially when he played in st.louis. how he will react to playing for a canadian franchise is yet to be determined. hopfuly , for the hab fans, he will bring his "a" game.
I used to be an anti- hab, sorry thats my reality ,but now i am more worried that they will not be competitive and we all know how unforgiving the hab support is as far as attendence is concerned .gellette is under a very, very big microscope. i would hate to see what would happen if they open the season with less than a 500 record.
I DO NOT want to see another canadian club go south. 5 years ago it would be un-conceavable to even think that the greatest winning club in nhl hjistory could be moved , but it is a reality, it could happen. lets cross our fingers and say a hockey prayer for the habes " god ! let the habs have a winning season.........behind the leafs..
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