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Originally posted by Phillerup
Some interesting thoughts guys...I remember when the Jets left...It was a pretty sad day. We had a wing-nut of an owner who didn't even care if the Jets would stay here or go south. Winnipeg was kind of scrambling for the time. We just couldn't support the contract demands of the players. I once heard that the Jets deal was somehow connected to Quebec going to Colorado. I don't remember where I heard it, but if someone knows more about this, I'd like to hear it. I was fortunate enough to attend the Jets' last game in Winnipeg. It was Game 6 of the 1996 playoffs, a game we had no chance of winning (against Detroit). I was glad they were able to pull off a stunning victory over the Wings in Detroit to be able to play one last time here in Winnipeg...I'll never forget that.
Hmmmmmm... not sure AT ALL how this fits into the subject we are talking about, but that's OK!

I have NO CLUE what you mean that the "Jets deal was somehow connected to Quebec going to Colorado." .... I don't konw what you mean by that at all.

...anyway, you were there for the Jets' last game!?... As a hockey fan that is still a Jets fan, I think the Jets had a great opportunity to win that game... in Game #5 of that series.... wasn't that the game where Khabibulin made 51 saves on 52 shots!???... I think the Red Wings made the Conference Finals that season (1996), and they look back and I remember hearing someone on that team saying that "The Jets gave us the most trouble." It was not an easy series for the Wings by any means.

...since you were there, Phillerup, do you remember who scored the last Jet goal??... I remember watching it on TV... and I forget -- was it Numminen or Quint that scored the final Jet goal??

Anyway.... that "playoff run" was amazing that year..... not much of a run considering they only made it 6 games, but they clinched that playoff spot in front of the "WHITE NOISE" crowd... the Moose try that "WHITE NOISE" for their playoffs.... the Coyotes tried that as well in 1997 and 1998.... it just doesn't work in any place but Winnipeg for the Winnipeg Jets..... I still have the Jets' final regular season home game on tape (the one where they clinched the playoff spot; also the one where Tkachuk scored his 50th goal)... I attempted to tape Game #6 of their playoffs, but I accidentally recorded the wrong challenge and had a bunch of soaps instead :redhot:
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