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Sand-Roc Tournament

In 2010 Rocball will temporarily move its court of activity from the MHS gym floor back to a sand court. On January 1st thru the 3rd, Rocball is going back outdoors. The first Rocball sand tournament since the late 1990s and the early part of this century will take place on the sand court of the Pacific Islands Club.

The rules for the “sand-roc” games will basically be the same as the rules for indoor Rocball except, teams will have four players and not five on court, the person serving will also be the goalie, the goalie/server will be allowed to charge the net, and only the goalie/server will be allowed to play-off court in the service area and in front of the goal behind the court’s end lines.

Individuals interested in forming teams to compete in “Saipan’s Own Sport” need a maximum of five and a minimum of four players to register: Teams that register for the sand-roc games will need at least one current Rocball club member on their roster to waiver a twenty-five dollar entrance fee.

If you are an individual who likes a volleyball skills type of sport and is not familiar with Rocball’s rules of play, you can “Google” Rocball and read up on the latest rules and regulations of the sport on the Rocball homepage with graphics, news releases of past games, and the synopsis on “Fools Fire”.
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