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Rocball - Sand

Rocball opened up the 2010 sporting events for the CNMI on the beach of the Pacific Islands Club. On January 1st, Rocball restarted its beach version of “Saipan’s Own Sport” on the main beach volleyball court of the Pacific Islands Club. :thumbup:

Four teams came to start off the CNMI’s sport’s year; the Fanians, No-Mercy, Ballseye, and the Projects. The rules for beach Rocball had to be modified to fit the playing conditions of a sand court. Sandroc (Rocball in the sand) rules of play have four players, and the server is also the goalie; no other player is allowed to play in the area between the goal and the court end lines except the server, and the server is allowed to play anywhere on the court.

The receiving team has two hits off a served ball, the goalie is the only player allowed to set off a served ball, and each team is allowed five hits after the receiving team is successful in returning a served ball back over the net in two hits: Any time a server scores on court, it is two points. Other than that, any player can score a three point goal or a volleyball court point, and the net player for the receiving team can “jam”, spike down, a served ball.

Sandroc is a four set game played under the quarter/set system of play. A team can “juice-out”, win a game after four sets of play, if after fours sets they outscore their opponents in game points and win the fourth set; game points are calculated by adding up the sets scores: A team cannot win a game in a losing set and when either team fails to juice-out, the game goes into overtime.

The team that couldn’t juice-out but had scored the most game points would need to win one overtime set, and the team that won the fourth set with the least amount of game points scored, would need to win two overtime sets: An overtime set is won by a team which scores ten points or a goal, whichever comes first. And, if no goals are scored, as in regular play, only the team in service has closure.

Because there were only four teams, the Sandroc games were organized under the quarter/set rules of play with 25 points per set. And, because there wasn’t a need to modify games into any timed scheduled or three set games, players were challenged with games that took from 45 minutes to an hour to complete, not counting any overtime sets.

The Fanians came out on top and left the court as this decade’s first Sandroc champions. The Fanians won all four of there games. No-Mercy came in second place losing to the Fanians in the championship game played late Sunday afternoon in four sets 76 to 50.

The heavy hitters of the Sandroc games prior to the playoff games were Myron Laniyo of No-Mercy with 9 aces, 3 xunks, 11 keys, and 2 goals for 52 points and Dior Jones of the Fanians, a former Rocball player now residing in Guam, who came to Saipan for the Rocball Sandblaster’s tournament, scored 9 aces, 2 xunks, 5 kees, and 1 goal for 35 points.

But, in the Championship game between the Fanians and No-Mercy, it was Dior Jones who broke away from the pack in Rocball’s heavy hitting scoring techniques. Dior, who played on Guam’s Junior National Volleyball team and now works at the Pacific Islands Club on Guam, scored 10 aces, 3 xunks, 8 kees, and 2 goals for 51 points. Dior’s former Rocball team, when he used to be a student at MHS, was the Black Magic.
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