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Originally Posted by Jaguar Rick View Post
What mistakes have I made, Ricky?
You debate me as if you know my religious beliefs, when you don't. Probably because of the first discussion we had, you think of me as a conservative, so you associate all traits you associate with conservatives to me, and then try to debate me on those incorrect traits instead of what I actually say. What in this thread makes you think that I take every word in the Bible literally, and would care what it says about slavery? What makes you think I would disregard my personal opinion on the evil of slavery, because the Bible sanctions it? (I don't know if it does or not). Those are the mistakes you made, you look at me as a group, and debate me as a group, instead of as an individual. Anything I say is fair game for you. Debate me on my words, not on your misconceptions...please.
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