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I would agree with others about the Sonics being a sleeper as well. The emergence of Rashard lewis as been huge. But I still don't see them advancing at all in the playoffs. People talk about the east all the time as being wide open, well IMO the west is also, only with better teams. I'm a Laker fan and as I've said before there not as good as last year, they've come back to the pack just slightly. With the Kings, Mavs, Spurs and Blazers all taking a step forward, the gap has closed. But that said, I will predict(at least the Lakers over the Kings in 6 games in the western finals.
In the east, I'm going with the Nets over the Celtics in 7 games.

The finals I like Lakers over Nets in 5.

Might be a little early to make these so what.
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