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Default 2005 NFC Predictions: NFC North

Oh lordy, I hope it doesn't happen. But the Vikes and Lions defenses look to be much improved.

Vikings (11-5)
Lions (9-7)
Packers (8-8)
Bears (5-11)

The Vikings might miss Randy Mossís ability to stretch the field, but they wonít miss his general laziness and lack of team spirit. The Vikes' D will be much improved and their O is still in the hands of the talented Daunte Culpepper. The Packers' O will be great, but their D has too many dumb players. Unless new D Coordinator, Jim Bates, can work miracles, the Packers will be mediocre. On the bright side for the Pack, they get the rival Vikings immediately after their Week 6 bye-- two weeks preparation might help. The Lions' D, like the Vikings' D, will also be improved, and their O will be fantastic once they (inevitably) demote Joey Harrington and give the reigns to Jeff "Not Gay" Garcia. The Bears will really, really be hurting without Rex Grossman. Not that heís so great, but his backups apparently missed the flight to NFL Europe. I hope nobody loses their job in Chicago over this season, the Lovie Smith Era really hasnít had a chance.
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