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thanks for the insight. I guess you misunderstood me a bit. I get what the reasons would be, and why war is lucrative for some, but I was hitting it on a more emotional/philosophical level. I understand greed can get powerful, but 3,000 americans dead just blows my mind. at least the majority of pearl harbor casulties were military. this was 3,000 flat-out civilians and innocents. plus, if any attack on our soil would do, why the WTC and new york? seems a little overkill. i mean, americans are all the same to a point, but couldn't they muster support if just an office building went down in topeka? (first random city, i mean nothing against the wonderful people of topeka). maybe it DID have to be on the scale of WTC and the pentagon, i don't know. but for the govt to set up or allow something at the pentagon seems more ludicrous than anything. and for those full-blown conspiracy folks, what about the ditched plane in pennsylvania? if someone planned all this from the inside, why did that plane go down and for what purpose? it's amazing that I JUST NOW remember the other plane and the pentagon. WTC really dominates the 9/11 story, do people even remember the plane in PENN and what it's reason is in terms of attack or conspiracy? strange to think.
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