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You are going to base your dislike of the state of Kansas around a book that I am sure you haven't read, and was written by a hardcore liberal?
When did I say I dislike the state of Kansas? I said usually I don't agree with their politics, but I'm sure the people of Kansas are great people.

I have read the book by the way, and that is not the only thing I am basing my opinion on.

Don't let the 1999 decision by the Kansas Board of Education to eliminate the theory of evoulation from the classroom fool you, as that decision is far from indicative of the people in the state.
It seems that every time I hear about some anti-women's-rights (pro-life) group it happens in Kansas. Anytime there is a "question" about evolution it seems to come out of Kansas.

Again, I am not saying that the state of Kansas is the worst in the nation, or even anything about the people of the sate. I am just saying that there are obviously some very strong fundamentalist Christians in the state. People aren't just making all this stuff up are they?
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