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No-Use & Evenflow win Roc semi-openers

The Rocball team with the best win and loss record No-Use, and the number one Rocball scoring team Evenflow both won their first semi-final games against No-Mercy and the Try-Outs on Saturday at the MHS gym.

Team No-Uses only defeat of the Rocball season came from No-Mercy on the last game of the round robin phase of the Rocball season. On Saturday night, No-Use juiced-out and defeated No-Mercy in four sets 88 to 71 in their first game of the semi-finals. And, No-Use only has to win the next game against N0-Mercy next Saturday night to advance into the best of 5 games for the World Title of Rocball.

No-Use won the first set of their game against No-Mercy 24 to 20. No-Mercy bounced back in the second set and won it 22 20. At half time the game score was 44 to 42 in favor of No-Use.

In the third set, No-Use got a big boost with five points scored off two plays that included a 3 point goal and a two point ace. No Use went on to win the third set 22 15. At the end of three sets of play No-Mercy was down by 9 points and needed to win the fourth set with a 10 point margin to win the game, or win the fourth set with less than a 10 point margin to force No-Use into overtime. But, No-Use closed down the game with a 22 14 set win and moved within one game of advancing to the championship finals.

In the game between Evenflow and the Try-Outs, the Try-Outs lost the first three sets 8 22, 21 17, and 21 18. The Try-Outs made improvements in every set and when it counted mos,t they won the fourth set 21 to 14 and blocked Evenflow from juicing out to win the game.

In the fourth set, the Try-Outs jumped out to a commanding 9 0 lead and Evenflow got caught stumbling over themselves with a series of shank serves. Evenflow would score a court point and then serve a shank to lose the point in four of their first plays of the fourth set. The Try-Outs won the fourth set 21 14 and forced the game into overtime.

The players of Evenflow are the most experienced overtime players in Rocball. They have played four overtime games and only lost once in that situation. In the first set overtime, Evenflow unchoked, served no shanks, and closed out the game 11 8.

On Saturday, January 26, N0-Use, No-Mercy, Evenflow, and the Try-Outs will play their second semi-final games. Evenflow and the Try-Outs will play will play at 6:30 pm, and No-Use and No-Mercy will play at 8:00 pm.
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