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Well, OK, so I'm seeing it the way I want it to be. But, given that during my life the best years of the Eagles have been under Andy Reid, I don't give a damn about whether he has won a Super Bowl. That just seems like a waste of time point to make. Who gives them a better chance to be an entertaining, good team the next five years? I'll take Reid over the unknown.

Reid gives them a chance to be a competitive team that is going to have a shot at the playoffs each year and has the past track of getting a team to the NFC Title game and to a Super Bowl.

As well, I don't see the Reid tenure as a "failure". If you could have ten years of what Reid has done or 9 years of a team at most winning 6 games (obviously no playoff appearances in 9 years), but with a 13-3 Super Bowl winning team mixed in, I'll take what Reid has done hands down. Wouldn't even think too hard on it, either, seems like it'd be a no brainer to take it as well. A Super Bowl win alone doesn't mark failure or success.

Not every coaching move works out, with Reid, you know what you're going to get, and I have liked the hell out of what I've got.
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