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Originally Posted by HibachiDG View Post
This is hilarious.

Adrian Peterson is not representative of a change in approaches to winning football games. He is just flat out awesome.

Ryan Grant had one good season and Forte has had an excellent rookie season.

What is the one thing that Jacobs, White and Barber have in common? They are at their best with a change of pace running back in there, and in White's case, the smaller slashing running back has been absolutely the most important aspect of the Titans run game.

Well where is the Eagles' "change of pace running back" from Westbrook?

And don't hand me the salary cap as any kind of excuse: How does Tennessee fit both White and Chris Johnson under their cap? Or Jacksonville, with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew?

Right, I just think that their best chance in getting back on track is different than you do. I don't think McNabb is the biggest issue that they have. Defensively they just aren't as good as a football team as they have been in the past. I'm not too concerned about RB or WR, I think that's a waste of time for the most part. They're fine enough at both those spots. Would I like a more physical runner to go with Westbrook? Absolutely, but I'd rather have Westbrook healthy before anything else.

Not as good on defense as in the past - 6th in total defense? Leading the entire league in sacks?

And I'm not concerned about WR, at least not anymore: DeSean Jackson too small to be anything but a kick returner? That one is right up there - or down there - with Rashad Evans being too small to fight at light-heavyweight, whose UFC title Rashad fights for next month against Forrest Griffin (with me being there!).

So far as Westbrook being healthy: Therein lies the problem! The big backs are far less injury-prone; this has been true since the dawn of time in the NFL.

And I hope Lurie and Banner are paying you well for all the P.R. work you're doing for them. Let me guess: A lifetime supply of Kool Aid!
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