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I think the SEC is tough to call. I see 6 teams having a chance making the tournament based on records, but does a team like Tennessee really deserve it? They played poorly out of conference, the only good win being an away win at Georgia Tech which came down to the buzzer. They are 1-4 against ranked opponents.

Auburn, although they might lead the SEC west, has only one quality win, that being against Alabama(who by the way has lost 6 of their last 8 yet somehow keeps a spot in the Top 25). Auburn had a horrible out of conference schedule and still managed to lose against Western Kentucky and Western Michigan, not exactly great programs.

On the other hand Kentucky and Florida are two of the best teams in the nation at the moment. I think it's a good conference, but certainly not great.

As for the ACC being fourth or fifth, I think that's a bit harsh. I've always disliked Duke, but saying they're nothing is rough considering their 3 losses have all come in the ACC on the road. Wake Forest and Maryland are top 10 teams. NC State, Virginia, and Georgia Tech all have a chance of making the tournament. Just because the two teams people are used to being on top aren't having their typical seasons, doesn't mean the conference is down.

Overall I think it's tough to say what conference is the could put up a decent argument for about 4 conferences. I think people should just enjoy the competition, it's better than watching the NBA anyway.
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