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So how has the SEC proved anything this year then? Because two different teams have been atop the polls? So in the polls of opinion, because that is what they are, the SEC has done better. Of course they did better last year and the year before, routinely having the most teams week in and week out in the top 25. Yet when it came time to play non conference meaningful games in the tourney they flopped. The polls are a joke and have been proven over and over again to be just that.

Florida has 2 non conference losses to UNranked teams., WVU and Stanford. They are generally considered the 1st or second best team in the SEC. That doesnt show to positive on the overrall power of the SEC if there top team cant handle those two teams easily. But you know what, you can go to each and every conference, with each and every team and show the same weaknesses. The SEC is no exception.

The depth and competitiveness you are talking about is all your opinion, and SEC guy, but based on ZERO fact. I see the SEC has a two team league. Kentucky and Florida. Come tourney time when they play the real non league games, none of the other teams are going anywhere. The depth you speak of in this league, is seen thru SEC eyes.

So what if they get 7 teams. They got 6 in last year and 6 the year before and never got a team to the Elite 8 in either year. The only conference not to achieve this. If the overall depth and competiveness was so much better in this league, why dont they produce when it counts? Every year the SEC gets more teams in the tourney then the ACC, because it has 12 teams in the league and the ACC only has 9. But for some reason the ACC teams advance and the SEC teams dont. Could it be becuase they are playing tougher INconference games every year? Could be. Might be why they are more tournament prepared.

There is no proof of SEC power yet this year, because the important non league games have yet to be played.

I think the Pac 10 is the most competitive conference. Lets see, Stanford beat SEC power Florida and Pac 10 power Arizona, but lost to the worst team in the Pac 10, Washington. So in my Pac 10 covered glasses, the Pac clearly is the best conference top to bottom. Yeah OK. As silly as it sounds, I could easily make this type of rediculous opinion for each and every conference in the country.

But when the meaningful games are played, the NCAA tourney and the non conference head to head matchups, on neutral courts, is when the cream rises to the top. But until the SEC does it there, the opinon polls mean nothing...............and its been quite awhile since they have.
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