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Hey #47, now who was it that beat top ranked Arizona from the Pac 10? Oh yeah, that lowly SEC school called Anyways I agree with #47, what has the SEC done to prove they are the best conference in the nation? I like SEC basketball and I live in the heart of SEC land, but #47 does have a point.

I mean the weak Conference USA has 2 top 15 teams, with Louisville beating 2 of the SEC teams, Memphis beating 2 of the SEC teams....those 2 together are undefeated against the so called powerhouse of the SEC. Is the SEC a better conference than Conference USA during the season...yes.....will they have more teams make the tourney than C USA....yes....but will they win more games than Conference USA in the tourney...well that is yet to be seen. Louisville and Marquette have good chances of going far in the tourney, and if all these other SEC schools flop in the first round like they did last season then C USA might have more wins in the tourney. And if C USA can be compared to the SEC in tourney play, then obviously the SEC is not dominate.

Basically, my point is no conference is premier or dominate this season, and we should not be validating points to why one is or why one isn't. There is tons more ball to be played, and the more we discuss this the more we will run ourselves in circles like #47 has said.

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