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Yea, I think right now CUSA has to be in the talk if you're going to put the SEC there. I think CUSA is better then the Big 12 this season, but the SEC is open to debate. This is especially the case if you're only looking at the Top 3 teams in the conference as Marc originally pointed out.

I think CUSA will wind up with a 1 seed, Louisville, a 2 seed Marquette and if Cincy can win one of the games against Marquette or Louisville, they should slide up to a 4 or 5 seed, especially after beating Ok St. Otherwise I see them around a 7 seed. Also Memphis should make the Tournament and win a game.

Granted, the bottom of CUSA is ****, but so is the Big 12. CUSA will have 4 teams, Big12 5, SEC with 3 or 4. Tennessee is sitting on the edge. Pac 10 should have what, 5 teams? So you can't just have this discussion this year without CUSA and the Pac 10.

Lots of ball left.

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