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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post

I would consider King to be a "common man" in many ways, and an extraordinary many in many others.

As for his "silly spiritual beliefs," I have said it before - I have seen much of the good religion can do. I recognize the contributions it has in some people's lives.

I would simply argue the same point which Christopher Hitchens argues much more articulately than I do... To paraphrase - religion isn't a necessary ingredient for any good deed, while it is a necessary ingredient for some terrible acts. In other words, there is nothing that King did that he couldn't have done as an atheist, however, religion is a integral aspect to things such as suicide bombing.

Again, I can't articulate it as well as others can, but I think you get the point.

You might argue that Christianity (or faith, or spirituality) was the driving force for King and many others in the Civil Rights movement. I don't disagree. My point would be that logic, hope, and a sense of justice were the real driving forces - forces that are normal instincts in many great people - and King use his religion to draw strength and find purpose.

Religion can be a good thing. I've said it a million times.
This is a good response, and I agree with your main point here, but it's a question of what most people are capable of. I think it is fairly reasonable to be skeptical of the cliam that most people are capable of attaining a purely rational logic, hope and sense of justice. Whatever the real driving forces are behind religion, religion at the very least makes those driving forces more accessable to people not capable of the kind of purely rational logic you are speaking of. In attacking the Church you only take away common man's capability to live according to the principles you support. The attack may be done in the name of truth, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will have positive consequences for the world.
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