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-the ChiSox were good last year, but once Mags and Frank Thomas went down they were goners- otherwise they had a shot to make a run at the Wild Card

-letting Mags walk to the Tigers was a great move. too many injuries to give him another chance for what it would cost to keep him.

-dealing Carlos Lee for Scott Podsednik was another brilliant transaction. El Caballo is a good power hitter but Podsednik sets the table perfectly for the Sox. he can bunt, steal, hit for avg. he has been the biggest difference maker w/ a bat for them.

-Buehrle has always been a very underrated ace. Garland has learned to pitch inside and thanks for weaker pitching matchups from being down in the rotation he has racked up the W's.

-Orlando Hernandez was a decent gamble. he is good when he is healthly. which is always roll of the dice. i think he needs to be a setup guy or closer. too many innings break him down.

-Jose Contreras struggles badly w/ his control and location at times.

-moving from Shingo Takatsu to Dustin Hermanson as the closer has been a huge difference. Takatsu is very streaky.

-Dye is a decent pickup. him and Carl Everett are decent options in the outfield.

Since being accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, the White Sox have gone downhill ever since.
-it was more then being accused. the certain players who were in on it were basicly caught red handed. it's very important state that not all players were in on the fix. only handful.

-how good are the White Sox? my guess is a Sox vs Sox ALCS. what color do you like?
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