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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Riiight, because everyone around the world has all the opportunities that we have... Just get an education you lazy bastard!

I wish it were that easy...
Actually, you have hit on one of my greatest frustrations. Here in
America, we try very hard to provide education for everybody.
Having taught in an urban high school, myself, I felt the deepest depths
of frustration being in a school that provided everything, materially (rooms,
books, relatively small classrooms, an excellent library, all the printing I
needed) only to have a bunch of snotty, ungrateful, undisciplined 14-year
olds treat me like absolute crap, and do everything possible to
prevent me from doing my job (which is why I left HS teaching and went
back to teaching college).

We do provide education for everyone. Too many of our young
people are pi$$ing it away, and making our schools impossible places to
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