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I have many teachers in my family and this is a common thread of the discussions. Discipline is nearly non-existant in public schools. A brother of mine taught in pubilc schools for 20 years only to lose his job due to a reduction in force. He accepted a job at the State Juvenile Home, teaching business classes and stayed there until he retired 2 years ago. He loved the job, as discipline is not a problem there. Most of the kids are incarcerated for determinate terms and are required to go to class as part of their sentences. If they don't behave, they spend time in lockup, which no one wants to do, then they make up their school work anyway.
A common train of thought is that we are not spending enough money on public schools, but we spend more per student than private school tuition costs for the majority of private schools. And the quality of education is lower in public schools than in private ones (per test results).
This is why I favor vouchers for parents that wish to enroll their children in comparable private schools. Competition in education will make it much better.
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