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Well you're certainly right about knowing what you're going to get with Andy Reid: A morbid, fixed refusal to adapt to changes in the game.

At the running back position, the pendulum has undeniably swung toward physical, power runners like Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jacobs, LenDale White, Marion Barber, Matt Forte, Ryan Grant etc. Yet Reid insists on sticking with what is clearly an outdated approach.

And you can't have it both ways: What is so "competitive" about (almost certainly) finishing last in the NFC East two years in a row - the first time any team has done so since the division was reconstituted with the 2002 realignment? What's so great about being 30-30-1 over the last four years?

Furthermore, this is a small, weak, finesse team that is totally contrary to what the local fan base stands for.

There is nothing here worth continuing - absolutely nothing. Reid is George W. Bush. The Eagles need a Barack Obama - which Bill Cowher would undisputedly provide.
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