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In case you have forgotten, Marc, McNabb has a history of "cardio-vascular endurance" issues: Remember a certain Super Bowl - plus an eerily similar incident on the same field, in Jacksonville, two years before that?

And according to the 2002 issue of the NFL Record & Fact Book (I keep back issues), McNabb was listed at 226 lbs.; more recently, including in this year's issue, the listing is 240 - and for all we know, he may be walking around even higher than that right now. What does a 6-foot-2 quarterback - we're not talking about a middle linebacker here - need to carry 240 pounds around for?

But I've always maintained that Mike Shanahan is a narcissist, even a megalomaniac - and I'm sure our man Brad O. can provide a link to where I have called him that on this very forum! :lol:
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