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Default We Are the World

We Are the World

To the background music We Are the World, a YouTube video was posted
by N. Korea showing the destruction of Manhattan.

“I see black smoke billowing somewhere in America,” the text that scrolls across
the screen says in what are, in essence, subtitles of the man’s dream. “It appears
that the headquarters of evil, which has had a habit of using force and unilateralism
and committing wars of aggression, is going up in flames it itself has ignited.”

The shuttle circles the Earth, passing over the Korean Peninsula, where people are
jubilant over a reunification of the two Koreas. The camera then zooms in on the
cataclysmic Manhattan scene from “Call of Duty,” which features Russians invading New York.

Originally Posted by buckeye
Sounds to me like they're still waiting for a good old-fashion ass kicking.
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