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"You're telling me the injury-prone, never-won-anything Fred Taylor is twenty-one spots above Jim Brown, one of the all-time greats? That list is a joke, in my opinion - no offense intended."

Like I said ya putz, I've only been watching the game for the last 15 years, past Jim Brown's time, the only footage I've ever seen of him playing is flashbacks and such, so I can't compare him to THE BEST RB IN THE GAME TODAY Fred Taylor.

And yeah, he's pretty injury prone all right, one injury in his career so far. Damn that Taylor's a big puss, missed 3 games last season and still outrushed everyone in the league except for James and George.

BTW, your top ten is a friggin joke, Favre, McNabb and Dillon????

Favre's good and all but he's done, he's past his prime.
Donovan McNabb - One decent season, mind you he's only played two, but thats not much to judge him on.

Corey Dillon - If it weren't for one game where he broke a record for most yards in a game I don't think you'd be putting him on this list.

Oh, no offence though
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