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Yeah, I kinda figured that was what you were going for, I just didn't want to put words into your mouth.

I'm pretty conservative on gun issues, moreso than a lot of other things, all things considered. I don't like guns as a personal thing, don't think I would carry one for protection, but do believe that people should be able to have them if they are responsible, if it helps on protection. I've swayed a bit on these cities and handgun laws, have supported those types of restrictions in the past, but I think that was out of personal laziness and not personal belief. In reality, I want to be very tough on those that violate the reasonable restrictions, rather than any sort of outright bans.

One thing I favor that the Supreme Court has struck down are random searches/stops of cars...similar to DUI checkpoints. I wouldn't mind they put those up in cities late at night on weekends and such, get people either going/coming from the night scene and just make sure that people who shouldn't have guns don't.

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