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More gun control laws will not keep "outlaws" from using them in criminal activity. Why would a criminal worry about breaking another law?
They would not worry about breaking another law, but it would more difficult for them to find a gun if they were outlawed. Take a look at countries like Canada or England, where hand-guns are outlawed. Criminals do not have guns. Of course there are a few exceptions, but for the most part, it is nearly impossible to find a gun. The guns that criminals use in this country were purchased legally at one point. You stop the problem at the source. If there weren't pawn shops and gun stores on every corner, and a gun in every home, it is much more difficult to find a gun.

You may say, "Well then they will use knives, or baseball bats." but we all know that these type of weapons are not nearly as effective nor dangerous.

Also, would it be better if people were pushed out of 15th floor windows? They are just as dead.
Well, that is assuming you are on the 15th floor which is a problem in and of itself, but I digress. Of course murder will still happen, but at a lesser rate. Again, look at countries like Canada or England, where murder per capita is lower than the US, where crime per capita is much less, and violent crime happens less frequently.

But the murders in this country don't bother conservatives. Afterall, those affected by gun violence are usually poor minorities. If gun violence spread to the suburbs (which it will) hand guns would be outlawed tomorrow. When you only hear about people being shot on the news, instead of being affected by it, it is easy to oppose gun control.
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