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Fresh, do you honestly think it would be difficult for criminals to get hand-guns if they were outlawed in this country? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you and some ocean front property in Iowa for you as well.
Sorry Fresh, but as the old saying goes, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
You have made another bold statement that requires proof. "Take a look at Canada and England where hand-guns are outlawed. Criminals do not have guns."
Knives, in the hands of someone properly trained are nearly impossible to avoid, and baseball bats are more lethal in close quarters than hand-guns are. A person can disarm someone with a baseball bat and will most certainly inflict damage on a perpetrator.
Please take off your rose colored glasses and look at the real world. Criminals have no difficulty getting outlawed weapons here right now, so why would more restrictive laws make their "pipeline" dry up?
As to the per capita crime rate in England and Canada being lower than it is here, possibly the population is better behaved and has more manners than ours does?
As to conservatives not being affected by crimes, I have sat on many juries, and been excused from many others. Don't tell me I have not been affected by crime. I was a witness in a case where a "mule" was delivering pot to some place in the big town near here. I was an employee at a convenience store, working the night shift and this guy came in wanting to buy beer after hours. I could tell he was already intoxicated, and declined to sell him the beer, for the reasons I have listed. I called 911, giving plate number and description of the vehicle and the local police officer responded almost immediately. It took him 2 miles to pull the guy over and when he did, he noticed a back-seat full of guns (that had been stolen from a farm couple earlier that day). He got permission to search the car and found over 100 lbs of pot in the trunk. I helped take a "bad-guy" off the street, and found out later that he'd had a loaded 9 mm in his pocket. He did not use it.
Don't tell me crime does not affect me.
"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans...." John Lennon

Rest in Peace, Buck. You were truly a giant among men.

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