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I mailed N.L. Union rep Tom Glavine just today telling him to help stop this greediness on the players part. I know it will do no good, but it helped me and my feelings. Listen to this, salaries have increased 46 fold since 1976. Yes 46 fold. Minimum salary is $200,000.00 Unreal. I told him I believe in capitalism and free enterprize, but not greedism. I told him to think about the fans and the vendors and stadium workers for a change. I ask him to be man enough to humble himself and tell everybody in a press conference the players are way out of line. Owners deserve to make as much as possible. That is why people open businesses. I just expect from an owner or employer to pay me a fair wage and some vacation time. Maybe a health insurance plan.

I told Glavine also that a lot of players say we need all this money because we might suffer a career ending injury. Ok so I told him they may have to get a regular job, maybe in sales, 7-Eleven(lol), shipyard worker, assembly worker and etc. A bad knee or arm won't prevent you from getting a regular job.

I just told him to get real. I told him I realize the owners did treat their players real bad with the reserve clause and not owning up to the money they offered a player(this mainly occured in the early 1900's) I study a lot about baseball history. Yes the players were abused but that was so many years ago.

Anyway like I said it will do no good writing him, but it helped me convey my feelings about the labor dispute.
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