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I guess that comment must have insulted you cuz it isn't a cop out at all but a possible explanation of why all those issues don't seem to be serious at all. If there's another reason, let me know cuz it's still a curiosity of why that is.
I don't think I ever said the issues weren't important, though.

More like get involved. That problem has been addressed by me before where some are too lazy, some don't know what they can do, & others are insulated from the problems & aren't affected in the least which translates to 'don't care...everything is great'.
It seems like with the last election and with this election that more people are getting involved. What differentiates voting in a sheeplike manner and supporting a candidate? So, if you support a candidate, vote for them, but certain problems don't get fixed, what's the answer? Stop voting for someone that says things like them?

Vote for politicians who do things & not just promise.
I think people want to do this.
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