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During the speech last night I got all kinds of texts from Republican friends loving the speech, I responded to one saying "yea, good speech, hopefully she doesn't go for the bridge to nowhere line again"...right as I sent it, she started in with the bridge to nowhere thing. Really surprised she pulled that out again after having it shot down after Friday's performance.

Despite what the McCain campaign is saying, the media has not been too hard on her. Yes, the baby stuff has been the focus which is why it seems that way. But, the media needs to get into less of the baby/personal stuff and more into this other stuff. No one is beating her up on the earmarks, especially not as much as they take Obama to task. Obama's been ripped for the Change tagline thing, and rightfully so in my mind, so turnabout on the idea of Palin as a reformer and against these earmarks is going to be fairplay.

But, apparently we found out that on page 23 of the Maverick playbook it reads "go to play 1 of the Karl Rove playbook". This is the type of stuff they've done for 8 years now. McCain knows it first hand from when he lost to Bush in South Carolina in 2000.

They did a great job last night talking about the economy and when they did it was lines like Romney's forceful Reagan was right type rhetoric or Palin's "hey they're going to raise your taxes!"

If you call them on these CNNs Campbell Brown did about the Alaskan National Guard with Tucker Bounds...they throw a fit, say the media is being unfair and pull people from doing interviews with Larry King. Look at what they did with the media, they that hadn't been picked up on before the McCain press release. It was ridiculous.

And...It was GREAT in painting Palin as an underdog and the speech played great for that. Great applause, and lots of attacks to feed that applause.

It was very divisive, too. You can see it with the Country First signs/chant, the USA chant. Contrasted to the Democratic message last week which was more "We want to be the party you give a chance to fix this."

Not a lot annoys me about what the Republicans do once you realize the gaming that they do. Which is impressive, certainly, and Obama seems to be trying some of it this campaign. The one thing they did that annoyed me was when they attacked the community organizer stuff that Obama did as if THAT should be part of the attack on his lack of experience. He was 23-25 years old working with programs to help people get job training and tutoring for college, really, THAT'S the thing we should attack? But, because people don't stop to think "well, he was 23-25, it was before his career and he actually did some laudable things..."
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