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Originally posted by Brian:

Spike I didnt mock you, air_canada made a comment about my sig that he liked it and I said thanks!
Oh, Brian. Oh man, sorry about that. My sincerest apologies. Yeah I know I'm a little sensitive these days.

Originally posted by Brian:

One game wont win you the series baby so dont break out the wine yet!

Yeah I expected the Mavs to have games where they wont shoot well and tonight was the night, Vlade Divac is funny in the 4th quarter pushing off against the Mavs player and expects a foul from him. Mavs will bounce back, Kid Canada wasnt himself.
Oh I'm definitely not breaking out the wine. I could definitely see the Mavericks winning Game 2. This is going to be a real long series. I still stick with my Kings in 7 pick. I'm just taking joy out on people who thought the Mavs would win in 4, just baseing on what they saw in the first round. Kings aren't going down that easy.

The Kings could play better too. Webber was making stupid fouls to take him off the floor and Doug Christie is a much better shooter than what I saw today.
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