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Shula has not done THAT bad. Especially considering the circumstances. For the past two offseasons Bama has had a fairly low number of scholarships due to the sanctions from the NCAA. After the first offseason on probation it didnt affect the Tide much. But after the second offseason it has started to take its toll. Thanks to the scholarship reductions, Alabama has a lack of depth. Not only does that hurt a team when you have injuries but you have to keep the starters in the game longer than you normally would. And as the season progresses the players will get more and more physically exhausted. And even having to deal with this lack of depth Alabama still did a good job this season. Just like Dave said, they kept in a lot of their games. I'm not one of those fans who are impatient and won't consider the circumstances. I'm willing to give Shula plenty of time. He didnt make all the right calls this year but you cant blame him for EVERYTHING. Its not his fault that Alabama is on probation.

And Alex, I dont think that Shula is a "giant mistake". Back in May when the Tide hired Shula, what had Croom done to make him SO much of a better choice than Shula that it should be a no-brainer. Its not like Mike Shula over Sly Croom is the same as Tommy Tuberville over Bill Parcells. You make it sound like it was a no-brainer. To me, neither one really seemed that much better than the other. I don't understand why you think that hiring Shula was a "giant mistake".
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