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Originally Posted by Marc View Post
Howdy. Went to an art gallery crawl last night with my lady friend, then out for drinks (and hookah ... she ordered it before I could even open my mouth). Might go see Julius Caesar play with her this week. When did I become so damn artsy? :lol:

Then the next two weekends are friend's birthday parties, a la more opportunity to have fun with friends (read: drink) and introduce said lady friend (the Russian NOT mail-order bride ) to them.

Other than that, been working hard on the site to increase incoming links and traffic. My designer says he's making good progress coding the new design. Things will be drastically different around here in another month ... FRESH.

What's everyone else up to?
That sounds sweet, Marc. How long have you and the lady friend been together? Are you two "dating" or whatever word we use these days? And any previews to the new design?

Turning 21 was the best decision of my life The ability to just go out and drink (legally) is awesome. No longer have to have a friend buy me a case of cheap beer. Now I can enjoy good beer and occasionally get wasted legally. I love it.
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