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Because it's funny. White guys that act black are funny, and they don't even realize it. I can't think of many things funnier than a young white guy dressed in rapper gear, all bling-blinged up, with the ghetto lingo. He embarasses himself, and has no clue.
As far as "willing to say the N word", that's already been dictated by the media, Oprah, and others alike. It's just not P.C. to use it. I'm not very P.C., but I just see it as trying to hurt people's feelings on purpose. And that's just mean....not funny.
My only question is: if black people use the N word, then why can't anyone else? I've heard it used by one black man to put another one down. I've also heard it by one black man as a term of brotherhood with another. But what do I know....I'm just a lousey cracker, right?
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