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Twin, without even reading those articles, I can tell you that I probably feel the exact way you do (and I think the regulars here can attest to that). I can also tell you that Ricky Williams does not offend or disgust me, I admire (parts of) his attitude and his willingness to try to look at life and live it away from the cookie-cutter way you're supposed to.

That said, Ricky's predicament has nothing to do with marijuana. He was not an "at-will" employee of the Dolphins. He had a contract that he not only broke, but could not afford to mend (like Barry Sanders did). If he had left the Dolphins and paid them the balance of his contract, I would've taken my hat off to him. But he didn't. He essentially told us that his signature, and his word, don't mean much. He did this the WAY wrong way, and for that, he deserves much of the scorn that he gets...people who chalk it up to being high or having to do with marijuana, though, are misinformed and missing the point.

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