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The Cowboys may have already been in the playoffs, but not only did losing this game give the Eagles control over whether they win the division or not, but it took away any chance of the Cowboys getting a bye. They would have been tied with N.O. going into the last week, and with the Cowboys playing lowly Detroit and the Saints playing a Panthers team that still has some hope of getting in, getting the bye would in no way be unimaginable.

If this year is what parity is all about, I want to go back to the days of dynasties Maybe it's colored memory, but it seemed like fewer teams backed their way in or simply blew it and didn't make it in the past. Hell, I remember when the Niners missed out with a 10-6 record; maybe there was a bigger gap between the good and bad teams, but the good teams were GOOD. There's not many teams you can say that about now.
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