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Originally Posted by CKFresh View Post
Yes, it is the most powerful elected office in Amerca.

As for 3rd party success, it's been very lmiited, and mostly on state or local levels.

If you are talking about electoral success, I think anyone here could take the time to look up the limited number of elected third party candidates on the national level.

If you are talking about "success" in terms of influencing elections or policy, then that is an entirely different discussion.

Please Prof. Buck, enlighten this ethnocentric punk
You show glimmers of hope like this and it's only gonna make me work ya over harder.

Now, my next question would be this:

How in the world isn't influencing elections or policy a function of political power worthy enough to constitute your recognition?

I don't wanna cry ethnocentrism again but elected officials and their parties aren't the end all/be all word on political power.
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