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Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
But that's a secondary issue...

At the rate you're going by choosing the 'lessor of 2 evils", there'll never be a ghost of a chance for change cuz you're settling for what the Elite are offering.
What are my other options? Not voting, or voting for someone who can't win. Either way, nothing changes.

Besides that, when you choose the lessor, the one you're stuck with is no longer. They are now the worst. Then the cycle continues...
I'm not sure if that is necessarily true - it is probably true, but not definitely true.

I still believe that the system can be changed little by little. In my view, Barack Obama is better than George W. Bush. If he is elected, and people see a little change, maybe they will elect somebody better than him - and so on.

Call me naive, I know you will, but I don't think that is such a far fetched idea.

Right now the only change that happens is in political fodder used to entice voters, not change for the people at the forefront. & before you argue it's for the people, look closely at the contradictions across the board for each party before you get the wool pulled over your eyes on an issue here or there like Heath Care.
So what is your solution?

Secondly I would ask - do you think any president, or senator, or any elected person - has ever done anything to improve the lives of Americans?
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