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Originally Posted by themush View Post
Can't help but agree with this one.
Oh, so you're the victim too. I'll just add ya to the list of ass kicking in my inbox.

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Buck, if this were a sports message board what would you have to say about the ass whoopin UGA got handed to them this weekend?
Decent win, not great. Georgia has been banged up and Matty's leg is a mangled up mess.

Overall, Florida is getting too much recognition at this point in the game. The SEC East ain't got nuttin' on the Big 12 South and there's no reason why Texas is behind them in the polls. A one-loss Big 12 team CLEARLY deserves to go ahead of the SEC winner (provided they too have one loss) to face Penn State. A few years back one could say UF deserved over Michigan due to conference strength (cuz the SEC was clearly better than the Big Ten) but that argument is out the window this year. My projections have the Big 12 getting a whopping 5 teams to 10-wins while the SEC will have Bama, Florida and maybe Georgia (depending on health). Right now, my top 10...

1. Texas Tech (undefeated in best conf)
2. Alabama
3. Penn State
4. Texas (lost at #1)
5. Oklahoma State (lost at #4)
6. Oklahoma (lost vs. #4 at a neutral site)
7. USC (quality wins at Virginia, vs. Ohio State, Oregon and at Arizona...lone loss was on the road)
8. Florida (clearly don't deserve a top 3 spot due to them being undefeated and then the 3 Big 12s who beat each other and then USC - who lost on the road to a better opponent than UF)
9. Utah
10. TCU

If they get UF in, it will be the biggest travesty in the BCS era. And according to my calculations, they are pretty much in which is outrageous.

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In other news I heard the McRib will be back tomorrow!!!!!
Hey, it's the will of the people on election day.

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