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Originally Posted by themush View Post
Buck, it's probably best we are separated by thousands of miles....
Not to talk sports in here...or anywhere on this board for that matter but are you tellin' me that the SEC East is better than the Big 12 South?

I mean, all their games end in dramatic fashion. All your games (Bama-Georgia, Georgia-LSU, Florida-Georgia) have been blowouts.

I mean, I can budge a little on USC being over Florida...but not much. Ya lost at home to Ole Miss.

Originally Posted by Tarkus View Post
Working a swing shift with 11 hour days, finally get to a couple days off...

just in time for the next episode of 'B-itch on Wheels' starring my wife...
I know that show quite well. Yesterday's installment saw me winterize my wife's car (fluids, tire pressure, fan belt, new wipers, cleaned the battery off...the works) plus I put in a new headlight.

Upon completion she proceeds to get inside of it and announce...

Ewww!! My car smells like oil or something. Couldn't you have been more careful?

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