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Originally Posted by themush View Post
Why do you hope the NCAA doesn't come down too hard on them? Tressel proved to be a liar and a cover up coach. He signed a contract in September last year saying he didn't know of any issues during the off season, when he knew about the violations in April. When asked why he didn't come forward once it was clear he knew he said "I just didn't know who to tell".

Bullshit, OSU has the biggest compliance deptment in the country. Start there Jimmy. Or I dont know your AD? He full of shit.

Hammer those asshats.

BUCK you care to comment?
I have no comment.

Well, just wish I didn't spend so much time over the past 10 years arguing with idiots (mostly in here) who defended the guy so much.

In all honesty, I hope for the max penalties possible but unfortunately it won't happen.

How this isn't lack of institutional control is beyond me but the NCAA says it isn't at this time.
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