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Not surprisingly to anyone here, I'm gonna go "buy" here - albeit somewhat reluctantly.

This latest "He Said/She Said" controversy involving McNabb and Pam Oliver is ominous to say the least; and so far as why we haven't seen Kevin Kolb yet: If McNabb were benched in favor of Kolb without an injury to McNabb being involved, the media firestorm that would ensue is quite literally beyond my powers of description - and, as in 1990, when Buddy Ryan benched Randall Cunningham in an NFC wild-card playoff game - would be sure to lead to either McNabb or Andy Reid not being back next year (Ryan was fired the next day, after Cunningham allegedly issued an ultimatum to then-Eagles owner Norman Braman - and McNabb's ego is ten times as swollen and as fragile as Cunningham's was).

Then again I could be wrong about this, and Reid might pull the proverbial plug and start Kolb in the season finale at home against Buffalo - maybe Reid, having no illusions about what would follow, wants out of Philly himself, and this would be his way of committing suicide by cop, so to speak - but I doubt it.

Personally, of course, I hope that neither of them are back with the Eagles next year.

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