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There is absolutely no way in hell McNabb's days in Philadelphia are over and done with. The words McNabb and Philly should be joined at the hip at this point.

I mean, despite all the criticism this man is receiving (and we all know how hard Philadelphia is on their football team, especially their QB), he still managed to go out last week, into Dallas, and out-perform the "NFC Champion" Dallas Cowboys, and their super-hero Tony Romo.

And let us not forget that is was Terrell Owens (Team Obliterator) that screwed this team over, not Donovan McNabb.

Since the departure of Team Obliterator, the Eagles have managed to help McNabb out signing only Kevin Curtis, who is having a decent year, but is no-where near a top notch receiver in this league. And despite having, argueably, one of the worst receiving corps in the NFL, Run DMC has still managed to put together (in 12 games) -- a 15 TD, 6 INT season, with a passer rating of 86.8 and nearly 3,000 yards to go with it. Pretty stellar if you ask me...

I mean, to say that getting rid of Donovan McNabb is the answer to the Eagles problems would be border-line insane. He gives this team the best chance to win... and he will until he retires. Not Kevin Kolb, not A.J. Feely... NOBODY BUT MCNABB! I mean, the Eagles have some problems, and we know that, but McNabb is definitely not one of them.
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