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Originally Posted by CKFresh
Mike Tomlin's decision making is to blame for the Steelers early departure from the playoffs.

Mike Tomlin didn't throw three first-half interceptions. Mike Tomlin didn't give up the 96-yard kickoff return to Maurice Jones-Drew. Mike Tomlin wasn't on the field to try and contain the late 32-yard scramble by David Garrard that led to the game winning field-goal. If anything, Mike Tomlin made enough changes in the locker room at halftime (when the game appeared to be over) to give Pittsburgh a fighter's chance in the second-half and they showed no signs of quiting because of his leadership.

I know many people question Tomlin's decision to attempt the 2-point conversion, but their were over 10-minutes worth of plays after that point that led to the Steelers losing that playoff game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had the hardest first-round playoff draw of any team in the NFL playoffs, and they were taking on an upstart ballculb that had defeated them on their own home field in tough conditions less than a month before. They were without Willie Parker, Aaron Smith, Marvel Smith and Max Starks, while safety Troy Polamalu was at less than full strength.

Credit Mike Tomlin for having this team ready to go and managing to get his team to play over their heads for most of the second-half. He did not lose that game for the Steelers.
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