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Originally Posted by trayhezy View Post
You bring up a very interesting point because a guy of that size having knee problems can raise a red flag. Of course he is only 22?
Actually, he is only 20 years old. But there were questions about his dedication to getting in shape and his maturity when he was drafted. We have all seen what has happened to Shaq over the past few years when his body started breaking down on him he has deteriorated to the point where he cannot get himself in shape to be able to play 32-35 minutes a game before his knees/feet/ankles/hips start giving problems to where he has to shut it down again. The big difference between the two is that Shaq came into the league in much better shape and more of a drive to compete and win than Bynum did. For the Lakers' sake hopefully he has matured enough to overcome this and realize he needs to drop 20 pounds to alleviate any undo stress on his lower body.

However I am curious to hear what the Laker fans think about the team going forward. I am of the opinion that they really can not play with a front line of Odom, Gasol and Bynum. I think it makes them less atheltic and less able to spread the floor thus clogging the lanes for Kobe. If you put Odom or Pau on the bench then you are paying a kings ransom for a sixth man. I feel that they should trade one of the two for a true small forward.
Agreed. There is probably a decent market for either guy. Odom is in the last year of his contract which makes him tradeable. Gasol is great for a team who already has someone else who is willing to do the dirty work on the defensive end in the post. If it were me I might hold on to Gasol and move Odom as Gasol is the better of the two scoring in the post and he helps take some of the pressure off of Bynum when he gets back into gear.

I was going to suggest that they possibly use Odom and their #1 to try and move up and possibly grab a guy like Donte Green, Joe Alexander or the Italian kid but I forgot that Memphis got that pick in the Gasol deal.

No matter what they do they have to try and add some toughness and some kind of a defensive presence to that team or it is going to be the same story for them next year where they will get bounced out of the playoffs by the first team they come across that plays defense. The only reason they got past the Spurs was because the Spurs were running on fumes in that series and just had nothing left to give.
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