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Well I know exactly how this is going to turn out: Either Wells will already have been taken by the time the Eagles pick, or they will pass on him, hoping to snag Rashad Jennings in Round 3. Then Jennings will get picked about four or five spots before the Eagles pick in the third round, after which they will try to fall back on Rodney Ferguson from New Mexico - but then, not wanting to be accused of "reaching" by the usual bunch of nerds, they won't pick him in the sixth round because the aforementioned cretins will insist that Ferguson has only "seventh-round" talent, and he'll be taken before their seventh-round pick comes along.

So come the fall, 3rd and inches will still be a passing down in Philadelphia, Akers will lead the league in 18-yard field goals, and we can look forward to the Eagles rushing for like 24 yards in every game where they have to face a 3-4 team.

Meanwhile, Jacobs may be getting stuck with a double lemon: What if his buddy Burress either gets released by the Giants, or does end up going to prison?

In that case, everybody loses - except maybe Dallas.
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