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Originally Posted by Montrovant View Post
It doesn't have to be the same. The point is that just because you aren't composing a symphony doesn't mean your life isn't worth living, and vice versa. It might not be a life YOU would want to live, but assuming you aren't living it, so what?
As I said, people can live how they want to live.

It just makes my upset that people don't live that way and that they put their lives and thought towards nothing of meaning, i.e. banal job, tv, drinking, being a socialite, spouse, trifling problems, etc.

Here's the difference:
typical man:
self-interest----> happiness

people i am talking about:
self-interest----> valuable work/way of seeing the world.

And, again, I don't see any justification for living just to be happy and to spend your life worrying about the things I mentioned above. If you're going to be just an ordinary robot of society who doesn't try to offer/be anything unique, I don't understand why you should even bother waking up in the morning.

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